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In this game you play a girl, who wakes up in an unfamiliar place. It looks like a.. tower? Hmm.. You have no memory of why you are there and who you are. Maybe try start walking..? You might meet people that will help you.

Design Goals

This game was made for Advanced Game Design and Development at Reykjavík University. When we started out we set ourselves a few design goals.

  • We wanted to create an atmospheric story for this game. 
  • We wanted the player to feel a sense of dread as he explores our game. 
  • The game should provoke a strong feeling of curiosity and will to discover what is really happening in this story.
  • Another one of our design goals was to periodically lighten the mood with references to old movies and/or video games.
  • We really wanted the game to be non-violent, and for the player to solve problems without violence.


Move: WASD
Run: Shift
Jump: Space
Interact: E


  • Guðjón Steinar Sverrisson
  • Hlynur Stefánsson
  • Sigrún Tinna Gissurardóttir
  • Unnur Sól Ingimarsdóttir


  • Music
    • Window Demons - roljui from YouTube Creator Studio


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Very nice wrap up with the ending. It would be cool to see more of this cast. :)

PS For anyone watching, please consider subscribing for a copious amounts of indie games. 

Thank you for playing our game and I'm glad to hear that you liked the ending. I loved the YouTube video you made playing the game, thumbs up 👍.

Thank you! :) Any new projects in the works? Adventure or something else? 


Not right now, we are all finishing final projects at school to graduate! But after that we will start making games again :D.


Eyy awesome :D It's very satisfying watching someone play our game!

Thank you! :)